As part of GSMtowers continuous growth we have moved up the supply chain offering our customer a full turn key solution of our towers. We offer a full range of services, from site surveys on existing towers, to new site builds. We do in-house engineering, site acquisitions, construction, quality control and logistics. GSM Towers supply all tower service demands – from inception to completion.

Each project is supported by a large team of professionals. The driving force behind this team is to deliver the project on-air and on-time whilst meeting all joint goals of performance and quality. GSM Towers commitment to high quality encompasses all aspects of our solution’s delivery. We offer several “degrees” of installation, from Full Turn Key, where GSM takes responsibility from radio plan until the site is on air, or partial turn key approaches, with supply and installation only.

Site Acquisition

The main activity realized in Site Acquisition is the leasing of selected sites.

GSMtowers identify the best location for the placement of  telecom equipment. With our extensive local expertise, we first scan the area from a distance to check the viability of the site. Then we send out hunting teams to deliver the best site within the search ring. We check that the site is the best option based on access and possibility to deliver to site.  When providing Site Selection and Acquisition services, GSM provides search area investigation and submit candidates for the site. We then perform site lease negotiation and coordinate TSS report before we move into, zoning and building permit submittals. All in all the steps to lease the land – A-Z.

Civil Works

Civil works is the construction and cement phase of an installation, and we focus on managing the site build in a cost effective manner on time. Our Project manager and construction managers have years of experience from building sites, and helps our local partners to ensure high quality deliverables.

Site Construction is driven by the coordination of inbound logistics and quality control needed to get the sites up according to our standards. The process goes from the first site clearing and site excavation until the fence stands around the tower. In this process we ensure that the tower and site is properly grounded and that the foundations for slabs, towers, shelters and the like is completed.

Tower Erection

When the concrete is solid and dried up, we start the erection procedure. This is the process where the tower pieces are combined vertically to get the tower up. We can erect the towers in severals methods; by building parts of the tower on the ground and lift it up with crane or helicopter, or the tower can be assembled vertically. If assembled vertically it is often erected by using a gin pole system to which is connected to the main legs to lift the pieces up.

A tower erection will depend on tower height and tower type, but a quick tower can be assembled in just a few days.

Project Management

Well aware of all the steps to get the tower up and on air, this is impossible without proper project management. The coordination of both outbound and inbound logistics of material, arranging excavators and concrete trucks or hand mixers, is the most important step in ensuring an on time delivery. We use our project management system to ensure that we track and follow up on all sites, in order to ensure that everything arrive to the sites in time.


Quality Control and Health, Safety and Environmental issues are of key importance to the GSM group. GSMtowers employ our own HSE staff to ensure that our deployments happens according to the standards, but more importantly in a safe way. We employ internal site engineers to ensure that we get the right quality on our builds, right quality means boths to satisfy the international standards required, but more importantly to the high quality that is to expect with a product from GSMtowers.

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