GSM Towers’ SMARTsite is a hybrid energy solution, designed for sites located in rural areas where the mains are unstable. We integrate various energy sources such as grid, solar panels and generator sets in to one reliable hybrid system. The key component is the control system, working as a brain, ensuring that the right energy source will be utilized in the best way. The systems can be small rural site solutions, or big hub sites.


Solar panels for mobile base stations can have a great impact towards energy consummation, particularly in stations without connection to the electricity power grid. Such installations are reliant on diesel fuelled generators, and may use diesel 24 hours a day for electricity necessary to power the base station. With solar power, in combination with battery solutions, the necessity for running diesel generators may be reduced from 24 hour a day to 6 hours a day.

This obviously has several positive effects, both for economics and environment. Financially, tower companies may save significant fuel costs, logistics costs for diesel, and loss in forms of theft. For the environment, reducing the time time spent burning fuel with 75 per cent is a strong contribution to lowering emissions of climate gases. Additionally, for the local population, the problem of noise pollution will be much more manageable, as they will not need to listen to the noise from the diesel generators at night time.

Smart Sites

Hybrid Power systems use a storage medium (typically batteries) to capture energy when excess power is available, and automatically use this to supply the load when the storage medium is full. In GSM sites, Hybrid Power systems are generally deployed on sites that run on grid, renewable energy or/and diesel genset.

In DC Power System -the current is transformed into 48V DC, which is the nominal system voltage for critical and non-critical telecommunication loads. To supply AC loads there is a need of inverters, which convert DC current into alternating current. Batteries are used as a energy storage, and will use grid energy or the solar system to recharge. To ensure a long life time for the batteries we use high cyclic batteries, which are manufactured to be able to be discharged over one thousand times without damage. If the batteries run low, the engine generator runs at full power until the batteries are charged.


One essential factor for operating a mobile base station, with advanced electronics in an outdoors climate, are cabinets that will ensure a cool, dry, and secure environments for the technologic components. GSM Towers can supply a wide range of the most sophisticated cabinets for this purpose available on the market. These cabinets will provide the tower company with its needs for stringent reliability requirements. The various requirements for cabinets will serve all needs for different locations and climates that a tower company requires.

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